Our Programs

Our Programs and Services

Since its inception, BACI has assisted more than 3,000 individuals through its various programs. BACI’s main source of funding is grants from governmental agencies and local foundations. BACI’s programs consist of the following:

  • Advocacy

At BACI, we believe that to successfully integrate into a new community while maintaining one’s own cultural identity, the Burmese and the American communities both need to educate each other and respect each other’s cultural norms.

BACI advocates for the Burmese community as well as their individual needs, and hopes to expand the local community’s knowledge and understanding of the Burmese population, further enhancing the newcomers’ integration into the American community.

BACI engages with the stakeholders and service providers in our community–businesses, community based organizations, non-profits, neighborhood associations, churches, government agencies, educational institutions, leaders and policy makers – through events, meetings and presentations.

With the philosophy and belief of a two-way street engagement and its reciprocal benefits, BACI is committed to providing culturally and linguistically appropriate services to the population as well as helping the service providers and neighbors in our community with Burma, its people and culture.

  • Educational Institution

Under its educational institution, BACI has developed and implemented the following programs:

  1. Upward College Program for High School Students
  2. Upward College Program for Adults
  3. Upward College Summer Scholars Program
  4. College Persistence and Career Counseling Program
  5. Civic and Culture Education Program
  6. Childcare Microenterprise Development Program (Project completed Sept. 2014)
  7. INDY (Inform, Navigate, Direct You) Program, and
  8. Employment and Microenterprise Development Program (EMDP)

EMDP assists the refugee community members with job placement through organized job fairs, one-on-one employment assistance and transportation assistance. The targeted population is the Burmese refugees who have already lived the minimum of 180 days in the U.S.

Under the Burmese Community Integration Project, federally supported programs include: expanding and strengthening the Upward College Program (UCP) for High School Students that helps the students with college preparedness linguistically and academically, as well as for their future success; the Civic and Culture Education program (CCEP) that empowers new Americans with security in their rights and liberties; and Employment and Microenterprise Development (EMED), which assists newcomers to be self-sufficient and allows them to give back to their communities and contribute to economic growth.

  • Special Projects on issues and topics such as Health Fair, Financial Literacy Classes, Nutrition Classes, English for The Workplace Program (Indianapolis Public Libraries), etc.
  • As part of the Burma initiative, strategic partnership has been developed with Indiana University’s IU Kelley School of Business Institute for International Business (IIB), IU Center for Constitutional Democracy (CCD), and IU Office of International Development (OID). Through this partnership, BACI hosted the OID’s Youth Leadership Program with Burma for two days in 2014 and 2015 respectively.
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