Employment & MicroEnterprise (EMED)

Employment & MicroEnterprise Development Program (EMED)

EMDP assists refugee community members with job placement through organized job fairs, one-on-one employment assistance, and technical assistance to entrepreneurs. The targeted population is Burmese refugees who have already lived a minimum of 180 days in the U.S., thereby assisting newcomers with becoming self-sufficient and allowing them to give back to their communities and contribute to economic growth. BACI has also supported at least 10 women running home-based childcare to benefit the community. This program expands to include support for entrepreneurs wanting to open other small businesses.

Whether you would like to provide training or you are a potential employer who is interested in leveraging a diverse workforce and would like to benefit from such talented and hard-working refugee employees — with approximately 16,000 calling Indianapolis their home — the BACI is willing to work with you and assist your company in finding the right individual for you.

Please contact us at: info@baci-indy.org.

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