BACI believes that to successfully integrate into a new community while maintaining one’s own cultural identity, the Burmese and the American communities both need to educate each other and respect each other’s cultural norms.

BACI advocates for the Burmese community as well as their individual needs, and hopes to expand the local community’s knowledge and understanding of the Burmese population, further enhancing the newcomers’ integration into the American community.

BACI engages with the stakeholders and service providers in our community–businesses, community based organizations, non-profits, neighborhood associations, churches, government agencies, educational institutions, leaders and policy makers – through events, meetings, and presentations.

With the philosophy and belief of a two-way street engagement and its reciprocal benefits, BACI is committed to providing culturally and linguistically appropriate services to the population as well as helping the service providers and neighbors in our community with Burma, its people and culture.

As a result of the advocacy efforts, initial survey and feedback provided some key stakeholders indicated that the central community has seen increased collaborative partnerships, a greater understanding of the Burmese refugees, the opportunities and challenges, better awareness of the importance of providing culturally and linguistically appropriate services.

We also engage in advocacy activities nationally and internationally on the issues that concerns to our shared community and are inline with the BACI mission.

Photo L-R: Elaisa Vahnie, Executive Director of the BACI, Richard Towle, UNHCR Representative in Malaysia, Dr. Ro Ding, Board Chair, BACI. Posed at the Office of UNHCR building in Malaysia during the successful BACI Refugee Advocacy trip in June 2016.


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